Hello, I'm Hunter Wallace!

Student | Aspiring Full Stack Developer | Adventurer

My story

Who I Am

I am currently a junior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Business Information Technology. With these studies, I aspire to become a Software Engineer/Full Stack Developer out west and after some time in the field, I want to transition to becoming a project manager and finally retire and become a professor at a local University. I love traveling and dream to explore the world someday as there are so many amazing sights to be seen and stories to be heard.



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Git/Github Pages


Affinity Publisher


Ontaio Systems: Software Engineer Intern

At Ontario Systems, I am currently enjoying my first internship and experience in the world of software developement. I was placed on a team in charge of maintaining and creating new features for the company's legacy product, FACS.

I have worked in serveral different areas such as Front and Back end coding, QC, PR review and lessons on agile teams, bug fixes, and much more. It has been a tremendous experience so far and has taught me many valuable lessons that I will always hold close to me as I continue my path to becoming a software developer.

Internship duration: May 2019 - Present


Study Buddy

Study buddy was my first big software project with three other friends. Together, we created a multitasking all in one window suite to help college students maintain an efficient work enviroment and be able to focus on any task at hand.

Made With

Java, JavaFX, CSS

Canning Heroes

With a multidisciplinary team of students, we worked with a local culture center, Minnetrista, to create a unique touch-based game. This game encourages the community to come and work together and bring those experiences back to their homes and families.

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