Hunter Wallace

My Story and Education

My name is Hunter Wallace and I am currently working towards my dream of becoming a computer scientist. With this, I hope to change the world by creating software that makes the world more efficient, safe, and simple. I plan to either become a software engineer or a full stack developer so that I can share my work all across the world and make a difference. I am currently in my sophomore year and am extremely eager to gain an internship so that I can gain real world experience and work with amazing groups of people to create great things. I have created this website to show case my work and build connections for a bright future.


Ball State University

Current GPA: 3.0

Diploma Type: Bachelor's in Computer Science


Study Buddy

Study buddy was my first big software project with three other friends. Together, we created a multitasking all in one window suite to help college students maintain an efficient work enviroment.

Made With




This is my first big time creating and hosting a website. With it I hope to show off my work and progression as I continue to learn more about web developement as well as other computer science fields.

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Most of my work has be done in Java and has been the most taught so far in my education. I have built my first piece of software with it and contunue to learn and expand my knowledge.

Strong Language

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Frontend (HTML/CSS/JS)

I have begun to teach myself Frontend Developement languages to begin my jourey to becoming a Full Stack Developer. I greatly enjoy creating websites and designing pages for school and personal projects.

Currently Learning

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Next Goal: Frameworks

After I improve with basic JavaScript, I want to find a framework that works well for me. I am currently interested in learning and working with Vue.

Next Goal